Do I Have to Wait for Open Enrollment to Get Health Insurance

Do I Have to Wait for Open Enrollment to Get Small Group Health Insurance?

There is no open enrollment period for small group health insurance. You can enroll anytime during the year if your company or employees qualify. You do not have to wait until open enrollment to get the coverage you need for your team. Simply contact your health insurance broker and let them help you find the right provider and group plan.

Small group health insurance plans offer insurance plans at a lower rate than employees could get when enrolling in an individual plan on their own. If you are a small business owner, you might be wondering when you can set up group health insurance for yourself and your staff. Read below to learn about qualifying for group health insurance plans and how you can get the coverage you need.

When to Enroll in Group Health Insurance

Unlike individual and family health plans, there is no open enrollment period for group health insurance. You can enroll anytime during the year if you qualify. It means that you do not have to wait until open enrollment to get coverage or opt for alternative insurance products until you become eligible for a group health plan.

Your health insurance broker can help you find the right group insurance plan for you. Licensed agents will assist you in finding the best plan for your needs at a cost that fits within your budget. Once you have a plan, you receive customer support from your broker to help with renewals and claims throughout the year.

Do I Qualify for Group Health Insurance?

Were you planning on signing up for individual or family health insurance and then missed the open enrollment period? If you don’t have a qualifying life event, you may still qualify for small group coverage at your job.

If you have your own small business and employ at least one full-time equivalent employee, you, your family, and your employees may qualify for coverage by enrolling in a group health insurance plan. The rules and qualifications for enrolling in a group health insurance plan may differ based on the insurance company or the specific plan. 

To qualify for a group health insurance plan, need the following:

  • Proof that you are a legitimate business entity
  • Two or more full-time employees—this includes yourself and at least one other full-time employee
  • At least one full-time employee who volunteers to enroll in the plan
  • The ability to pay at least 50% of each employee’s monthly premium

These rules should only be used as a general reference and may not be true for all group health insurance plans or health insurance companies. Consult your tax, accounting, or legal advisor to determine your eligibility for a group health insurance plan.

The Benefits of a Small Group Health Insurance Plan

Nearly half of Americans receive benefits through a group insurance plan. Small group insurance offers a variety of benefits, including

Reduced Premiums

Since the risk is shared by a group and the cost is generally split between the employer and employee, premiums are typically lower for these plans.


You may be able to deduct the employee premiums you paid from your taxes, lowering your tax burden.

Tax Advantages

Businesses may qualify for a group insurance tax credit, which can help pay for the cost of employee premiums.

Employee Retention

Offering desirable benefits like health insurance might help you acquire higher-quality workers and keep them for a longer period.

Easier Enrollment

You can enroll in these plans any time, as opposed to the shortened open enrollment periods for individual and family plans.

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