5 Ways to Cut Family Health Insurance Costs

October 12, 2020

5 Ways to Cut Family Health Insurance Costs

Health insurance today is more expensive than ever. A recent study revealed that the national cost of health insurance has increased by a trillion dollars since 1995. Families are paying higher premiums, deductibles, copays, and out-of-pocket expenses, most of which are related to restorative – not preventative – care.

As the cost continues to go up, families are wondering how they can afford the cost of healthcare. While you may have no control over the rising cost of coverage, there are some steps you can take to cut family health insurance costs in your state.

1. Use a Health Insurance Agent

One of the reasons why people settle for costly individual or family health insurance is because they do not know what options are available or how much they can save on insurance rates. The best way to save money is to work with an insurance expert who can navigate the complex industry and find ways to help you save money.

Insurance agents continuously monitor the market to find affordable rates without skimping on coverage. They can also adjust your coverage as needed. An agent can also adjust your coverage through the years based on your family’s current situation. They can make recommendations for changing plans or even looking at a new provider. Some other benefits of working with an agent include:

  • You save time looking for the right insurance plan.
  • You can direct all questions to your agent, who can give you a straight answer.
  • You are likely to get more personalized, quality customer service without the hassle.
  • You can develop a lifelong professional relationship.
  • Your agent is always looking out for your family’s interests.

2. Stay Healthy

While health insurance companies are offering more coverage for preventative care, you are more likely to go to the hospital when something is wrong. Therefore, if you want to reduce your healthcare costs, you will have to take your own preventative measures to stay healthy. This involves assessing areas of your life that you can improve right now.

To stay healthy, you need to eat healthy meals, exercise, sleep well, reduce your stress levels, end unhealthy habits, and schedule your annual checkup with the doctor. If you take more control over your mental, emotional, and physical health, you are less likely to have to go to the doctor. This is especially important as you get older. A healthy life leads to fewer medical bills and lowers family health insurance premiums.


3. Only Go to the Hospital When Necessary

That bad cut on your leg or your high fever may not require emergency care. If you refrain from going to the emergency room, you may save yourself thousands of dollars in treatment that was not necessary, to begin with. Here is a tip: Before you head to the ER, call your primary care physician first. They may be able to give you treatment advice or provide treatment for your medical condition.

Obviously, this does not apply to all medical emergencies. Some ER visits are unavoidable. In these cases, you should seek treatment right away. However, finding alternatives to emergency care can reduce your medical costs and keep your family health insurance premiums low. If your injury or condition is treatable without an emergency staff, try going that route.

4. Follow Your Doctor’s Orders

One of the most common reasons why patients spend more on healthcare than necessary is a failure to follow their doctor’s orders. This may happen for several reasons.

  • The patient feels good, so they assume their condition has improved.
  • The patient does not trust the diagnosis, so they ignore the doctor.
  • The patient lacks the discipline to follow their doctor’s orders.
  • The patient did not go to their follow-up appointment.

In any of these cases, failure to listen to the doctor may result in complications that make your medical condition worse. If you are not happy with your doctor’s diagnosis or treatment, you are free to get a second opinion from another physician. This is a much better choice than ignoring the problem and hoping it will just go away.


5. Compare Local Healthcare Providers

You may not realize this, but doctors are private practitioners. As such, they run a business and are therefore competing with other doctors in the area. As a consumer, you have the right to compare doctors or healthcare facilities to evaluate the quality of care you will receive and how much it is going to cost you.

Before choosing a provider, get references from friends or family, look at online reviews, and find out what type of treatment they offer. You can also ask around to find out who the most and least expensive doctors are in town.

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