Affordable Individual and Family Health Insurance in Texas

Are you looking for comprehensive health insurance that does not blow your budget? We can help. Insurance Enterprise works with top insurance companies in Texas to bring you top coverage with lower rates. Our insurance experts compare rates, match you or your family with the right plans, and guide you through the underwriting process. Contact us today to find the right individual health insurance or family health insurance in Texas.


We Work with Top Health Insurance Providers

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Which Type of Individual Health Insurance Plan is Right for You?

You have two main options for individual health insurance or family health insurance in Texas

Affordable Care Act Our Coverage
Avg. Deductibles $7,000 $2,500
Premiums Increase 25%-100% annually Save up to 50%
Cash Sum Benefits None for critical illness Up to $100,000 lump sum for critical illnesses
Enrollment Period 45 days All year

Why Choose Insurance Enterprise

Affordable Insurance Plans

Affordable Insurance Plans

Save up to 50 percent on health insurance without cutting back on your coverage. We find ways to help you save money on first-rate healthcare plans.
Straightforward Underwriting Process

Easy Underwriting Process

When you work with Insurance Enterprise, getting quality healthcare has never been easy. Our step-by-step process eliminates the hassle.

Quality Customer Service

Quality Customer Service

Feeling frustrated with your current provider? With Insurance Enterprise you do not have to wait get answers to your questions.

Critical Illness Health Coverage

Coverage for Critical Illnesses

Major medical can be costly. We provide a lump sum cash benefit that helps you with expensive diagnosis and treatment of your medical condition.

Simple Comparison Shopping

We Compare Providers

Too many health insurance choices can be overwhelming. We compare providers and recommend the best insurance plan based on your needs.

Automatic Re Enrollment

Auto Re-Enrollment

Our auto-enrollment renewal system keeps your coverage up to date. We send you alerts, and you can update your insurance plan as needed.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a limited benefits policy? What does it cover?

The policy comes with three tiers so we can get the most comprehensive coverage at the most affordable price. The tiers include:

Tier 1 – Provides coverage for doctor office visits, urgent care, labs, tests, diagnostics, annual preventive care, annual OB/GYN preventive care within the PHCS Multi-Plan, and/or First Health Network.

Tier 2 – Provides coverage for specialty doctor prescriptions, hospitalization, ambulatory, mental illness, etc. (best coverage and rates if using a PHCS Multi-Plan facility)

Tier 3 – Provides coverage for critical illnesses such as heart attack, cancer, stroke, etc.

Can I choose my own doctor?

You can choose from two of the largest networks in the country, which are First Health ( and PHCS Multi-Plan ( All plans are PPO network.

Which tier covers generic and brand name prescriptions? Is there a copay for prescription medications?

Tier 2 provides coverage for prescriptions for both generic and brand name.

With the combination of network discounts and reimbursements, generic prescriptions cost $10 on average and brand name $20 on average. Some brand names are expensive and may cost more than $20. If so, we recommend going back to the doctor to see if there is an alternative prescription.

How is the insurance plan chosen?

As a private exchange broker, we have multiple plans available from the insurance companies that you may choose. You may have to qualify for the plan and undergo a routine underwriting process. The underwriters can help you choose the Insurance company that best matches your needs.

Is there a one-year commitment? If so, when can I drop the plan?

Your commitment is for one year. Afterward, your policy will automatically renew each year. You will receive a notification to remind you of renewal and give you an opportunity to make any changes to your policy. You can cancel the policy at any time.

Is there an open enrollment period?

Enrollment is available throughout the year.

Do you provide full health coverage?

Our health insurance plan provides full benefits. It may differ from what you are accustomed to because we created a package that provides comprehensiveness at lower rates. Most exchange policies are with BCBS or Humana. They have rates that increased by as much as 100% from 2017 to 2018. Plus, the deductibles have increased. We are providing alternative solutions to the public who are looking for a provider with similar benefits but for more affordable prices.

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Contact Insurance Enterprise for Individual Health Insurance and Family Health Insurance in Texas

If you have questions about health insurance in Texas and need to enroll, then contact Insurance Enterprise at 888-350-6605. Speak to a licensed agent and find out more about how you can get an affordable health insurance plan.