Is Personal Health Insurance Available for Digital Nomads

Is Personal Health Insurance Available for Digital Nomads?

Don’t be surprised if you see more computers in coffee shops, more RVs on the road, and a mass exodus out of the office. One of the unintended consequences of COVID-19 is the rise of digital nomads, remote workers who work anywhere but on-site. The digital nomad trend ranges from people who choose a different spot to work around town to workers who hit the road.

One of the challenges of remote worker mobility – at least long-distance – is getting health insurance coverage regardless of where they roam. Many health insurance companies provide in-state coverage; meaning, if you leave the state for a given period or do not claim a permanent address, you are no longer eligible for health insurance. 

Thankfully, many private health insurance companies offer health insurance for digital nomads.

What is a Digital Nomad?

Digital nomads are remote workers who usually travel to different locations across the U.S. They often work in coffee shops, co-working spaces, or public libraries, relying on devices with wireless internet capabilities like smartphones and mobile hotspots to do their work wherever they want.

For some, the digital nomad life is temporary until they return to work. However, with nearly one-third of employees currently working from home, many digital nomads have sought traveling as a viable long-term lifestyle choice. Regardless of where you are at on the scale, if you find yourself working in different locations as a part of your daily job, you are likely a digital nomad.

Why Digital Nomads Need Health Insurance

With all the benefits of being a digital nomad, some realities of living the lifestyle make health insurance more necessary.

More Exposure to Health Issues

The more time you spend outside, the greater your chances are of exposing yourself to bacteria, germs, or allergens that make you sick. This is because you are interacting more with people. As a result, you are more likely to catch something airborne. Having coverage when you need to go to the doctor can be useful.

Roadside Emergencies

If you are a traveling nomad, you need to prepare yourself for possible injuries or medical emergencies that arise on the road. Injuries are common for individuals and families that tour the country and explore unknown terrain. You may need health insurance to pay for a sprained ankle or broken arm.

The Cost of Medical Care Changes…

The cost of medical care can drastically change from state to state (or even city to city). For instance, it may surprise you that the average cost of healthcare is more expensive in West Virginia than in New York. You’re also likely to pay more if you’re traveling through Wyoming, Vermont, Louisiana, Nebraska, California, Nevada, and Massachusetts. Having health insurance can save you money.

…But Your Insurance Rate Stays the Same

One of the best things about interstate health insurance is that regardless of where you travel from state to state, your health insurance rate stays the same. The only thing you need to consider is making sure that your chosen healthcare provider in each state accepts your health insurance. Your health insurance broker can help you find the right plan that works wherever you go.

Before You Buy, Find a Good Health Insurance Broker

Being a digital nomad is more enjoyable when you have a support system in areas of your life where it counts. For instance, a knowledgeable accountant can help you manage your finances regardless of where you go. The same goes for health insurance. Instead of finding and managing your health insurance plan, it’s a better idea to find a health insurance broker. Why? A broker can:

  • Find the right company and health insurance plan for your situation.
  • Manage your policy and keep you informed of updates.
  • Help you set up a payment plan so that you don’t miss a premium.
  • Give you advice and resources if you need to use your health insurance on the road.
  • Contact you directly no matter where you go.

Trying to keep up with your health insurance premiums, policy, and claims on the road can be too challenging. Your insurance broker provides support for your healthcare needs so that you can focus on your job and enjoy your lifestyle.

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