What is the Best Way to Get the Facts About Health

What is the Best Way to Get the Facts About Private Health Insurance?

Searching the web to find out facts about private health insurance can be exhausting. Type in anything related to the topic, and you will be bombarded with ads, misinformation, and outdated news.  When you do finally find some answers, you are never really sure that the information is accurate. 

When it comes to personal or group health insurance, getting the facts is crucial to finding an affordable plan that meets your needs. But where are the facts? How do you get the right information about your specific type of plan? Below are three tips on how to get the facts about health insurance.

Talk to a Health Insurance Broker

It’s important to make a distinction between a health insurance broker and an agent. A health insurance agent often represents a health insurance company. Even an independent agent may act on behalf of an insurer and not you. A health insurance broker is an independent insurance expert who works on your behalf. Therefore, they are more likely to give you the fats.

Brokers scour the insurance industry to keep up with the latest providers, plans, news, and information. It is their job to know the facts about coverage and use the facts to help you get a good plan. So, before you talk to an agent or a provider, you may want to begin your search for health insurance by consulting a broker.

Look for Credible Sources

This is a tricky one because you never know the motivation or the credibility of the source. However, you can find some good information online regarding health insurance simply by the process of elimination. For instance, you may want to avoid the following websites, publications, or sources when doing a search. 

  • Insurance providers – there’s an obvious bias potential
  • Generic publications or news sources
  • Social media
  • Outdated sources – insurance changes all the time

If possible, try to find educational resources or websites that are more informative and academic in nature.

Speak with Friends and Family

Disclaimer: Getting referrals for health insurance from friends and family should not be equated with expert advice or inside information. A referral is often given as a result of personal experience, not industry knowledge. So, it is important to understand that friends and family often provide subjective opinions that apply directly to them. 

However, personal experience can be valuable. First, you’re likely to get an honest opinion from someone who will not benefit from the opinion. Second, people like to either brag on or complain about the quality of the products and services they receive from a health insurance company. They won’t think twice about sharing their experiences. Third, you may get some valuable insights that you will never find anywhere else.

Contact Insurance Enterprise for Group Health Insurance

If you have questions about group health insurance and need health insurance quotes, contact Insurance Enterprise at 888-350-6605. Speak to a licensed agent and find out more about how you can get an affordable health insurance plan.