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Are Insured Employees Better Employees?

There is no question that small group health insurance benefits employees. Workers with health insurance are happier, more productive, and can sleep at night knowing that they and their families have coverage when they need it. 

However, what about small businesses? Is there a health ROI of providing health insurance for employees? What’s in it for small businesses, and how do employers see tangible benefits? Below we look at the benefits of small group insurance for both companies and their workforce. 

6 Ways Group Health Insurance Benefits Employers

Here are key employee benefits of employer-sponsored health coverage – and why you should be offering it:

1. Fewer Days Missed

Every time an employee misses work for any reason, it costs your company money in production. A healthy employee is present and more productive. And the more physically sound workers are, the less prone they are to injuries and less likely to miss workdays.

2. Your Company Can Recruit Top Employees

Group health insurance can be a recruiting tool. Sought-after employees often have the advantage in negotiating job perks and benefits. If a potential employee is deciding between two jobs (or if a current employee is thinking of leaving), benefits like a superior health insurance plan can tip the balance in your favor.

3. You Are Likely to Keep Your Employees

Employees are more likely to stay with a company that offers valuable insurance benefits, as they can be far more costly to replace on an individual basis.

4. Your Employees Are More Productive

Workers tend to place higher value and feel more favorable about jobs and employers that provide good health benefits. When workers feel valued, they are more likely to be productive, helping you achieve your organizational goals.

5. It’s Easier to Get Insurance

Getting a personal health insurance plan is complicated enough. Try getting health insurance for your entire company. When you use a good health insurance broker, you can bypass the hassle of finding and securing health insurance for your team. Your employees can pick and choose their own benefits, relieving you of the stress.

6. There Are Numerous Financial Incentives

The government offers numerous incentives, discounts, and tax write-offs for companies that provide health insurance for their employees. By offering your employees group health insurance, you could potentially save them and your company thousands of dollars per year.

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