5 Myths About Private Health Insurance

5 Myths About Private Health Insurance

Private health insurance is an alternative to Obamacare or Affordable Care Act (ACA) health insurance plans. Since it’s not a mainstream form of health coverage, many people do not understand how private health insurance works or how to get it. As a result, there is a significant amount of misinformation about private companies and the plans they offer.

Before you decide whether private health insurance is good for your family or business, make sure you do your research. You can begin by consulting a health insurance broker. If possible, talk to a broker who offers private health insurance plans. By talking to a professional, you can get the facts about private health coverage and decide your best option. 

Below, we look at five common myths about private health insurance. If you have any questions, feel free to contact Insurance Enterprise. 

Myth 1: Private insurance plans have limited coverage.

ACA health insurance providers pride themselves on offering comprehensive health insurance plans covering all areas of health care. Sadly, it is assumed that private insurance companies do not offer the same scope of coverage. The truth is that private providers offer a broad range of health insurance plans for both individuals and businesses.

These plans cover treatment and services such as standard doctor visits, hospital recovery room stays, surgical procedures, and prescription drugs. Furthermore, private insurance may give you more flexibility in choosing your own doctors and medical facilities while still offering coverage.

Myth 2: If I get sick, I’m stuck with my private insurance.

One of the reasons why this myth is perpetuated is because many people try to get Obamacare outside of open enrollment or do not qualify for special enrollment. If you are unhappy with your private insurance plan, you can return to an ACA provider any time during open enrollment. However, make sure you understand your private insurance plan before doing so. You may have benefits you are unaware of. You can always switch to another private insurance plan as well.

Myth 3: Private insurance does not cover maternity, mental health, or pre-existing conditions.

While it is true that some private insurance companies do not offer plans that cover maternity, mental health, or pre-existing conditions, other insurance companies do offer these benefits. If you want to stay with your current plan, you can always supplement it with another plan, such as a health savings account (HSA). Or, you can look at other options. Talk to your health insurance broker to find out what options are available to you.

Myth 4: There is too much paperwork involved with private health insurance plans.

This is true. You may have to fill out a lot of paperwork. However, you will not have to provide any more information than you would under an Obamacare plan. During the application process, you only need to fill out standard questions such as current medical conditions or your medical treatment history.

Myth 5: I’m already enrolled in Obamacare, so I can’t switch to private insurance until open enrollment.

One of the best features of private health insurance is that there is no open enrollment period. You can enroll in private insurance any time throughout the year, regardless of your current condition. Annual enrollment is a great option if you move, lose your job, start a business, or do not want to wait to enroll your employees in a plan. You can get started right now.

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